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Making confident & compassionate care teams that model person centred Care



(Each training day includes presentations, games, exercises, videos, hand outs, staff posters & action lists)  

Touch In Care - Safe, effective and compassionate use of touch

Stress Free Care - Reducing distressing behaviours

Making More Sense - Non-verbal communication skills

Keeping People Busy - Easy everyday activities, all day

Consent to Care - Promoting consent and reducing "Resistance to Care"

Relationships in Care - Being person centred & professional

Late Stage Care - Person centred approaches to late stage dementia care

End of Life Care - Making sure each moment matters

Therapeutic Places - letting the environment do the work

Luke demonstrates a great deal of empathy and insight in his training. He connects real life practical situations with theory and research and in doing so engages with the variety of learning styles that always exist in a group of participants. Luke is well liked by participants, engaging, fun and always able to communicate the theory behind his work to the people he works with.
— Helen Walton. Operations Director. Church Farm Nursing Homes.

 National Dementia Care Congress JDC 2013

National Dementia Care Congress JDC 2013


Every training programme addresses the factors that fundamentally shape people's lived experience of care, empowering participants to make a real difference to the quality of life of people living and working in dementia care.

Experiential Training 

Learning that is based upon people's experiences provides the foundation for sustainable practise development

Personal Learning for Professional Practise

Drawing on Action Learning Principles and Person Centred Psychology each workshop is designed to promote high levels of personal engagement and significant changes to individual practise

Creating the Conditions for Success

Collaborating with management and senior staff each training programme explores the conditions care workers and nurses require to put learning into practise to make sustainable changes

Bespoke Training Programmes

Every culture of care is unique with its own kind of challenges, qualities and potentialities, these factors are taken into account to ensure that the learning outcomes are always relevant to your service

Excellent training session. Began with the theory behind the practical suggestions on reducing stress. Very interesting. Moved on to addressing these issues in a care home setting. Addressed many aspects of predominant culture of care and how and why to challenge. Very well presented in a positive manner. Right mix of theory and practical suggestions. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone working in the field of ‘dementia care
— Alan McVitty. Admiral Nurse, working in the community.