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Body Psychotherapist & Massage Therapist Luke Tanner offers specialist dementia care therapy in care homes in London. As little as 10 minutes of one to one time can mean so much........

Reducing anxiety & distress

Stimulating communication & engagement

Increasing feelings of safety & security

Enjoying moments of togetherness

Luke takes bookings from dementia care providers who want to ensure that every individual in their home is able to enjoy quality 1 to 1 with someone who is able to stay in touch with each person what ever their level of dementia or way of communicating. 


Personal experience of caring for family members living with a dementia helped Luke to understand that touch can remain a lifeline for many people experiencing a dementia. As a dementia care therapist Luke draws on body psychotherapy and massage training as well as 100's of hours therapy work in residential dementia care settings.

A deep understanding of the different stages of a dementia and the meaning and effects of touch enables Luke to communicate more effectively with touch and non-verbal communication to offer the experiences of comfort, connection and security that really matter.


Luke really made a connection with my mother and I believe my mother really benefitted from the sessions. I really valued his insight and skills and it helped me to know that Luke saw her. It’s comforting to know that he is taking what he learnt from being with my mother to help others.
— Sarah, daughter of woman living in dementia Care
There was little comfort to be had for mum and I in her last few weeks, it was an enormously traumatic time for me, but I believe Luke and mum’s minister were able to communicate in some way with her. Thank you for that. Good luck Luke with using your special gift to help more people in dementia care.
— Michelle, Daughter of woman living in dementia care
Geoff passed away at the beginning of February which was not unexpected. It made me sad to think I found Luke so late for Geoff, but happy he had the brief contact. I hope Luke can share his skills with more patients so their quality of life is increased, too.
— Jennie, niece of man living in dementia care